SKSLV2401S Speed Oven



Combi Microwave

Speed Oven

The integrated functions, sleek design, and smart technologies of the Signature Kitchen Suite speed oven add style and innovation to any kitchen. Not only does it make cooking easier, it handles the clean-up too.

3 in 1 luxury appliances

3 in 1

Three different types of oven included in one model: oven, microwave, and steam cooker. So, whatever you need, it's all included.

impeccable steam cleaning system

Speed Clean

In just 10 minutes, our oven can sparkle-using only water, not fumes or high heat. You don't have work hard to clean up any more.

automatic retractable door

Handless Autodoor

Push-button operation means cleaner lines in your kitchen, with no ugly lumps or bumps to distract the eye.

motion sensor

Motion Sensing

The oven can even tell when you might need it. Blending seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen, the door button only becomes active when you physically approach.

smart appliances with 7-inch LCD touch screen

7-inch LCD Touch Control Panel

7-inch color LCD touch control allows for easy interface and use. The seamlessly integrated display is also easy to clean.


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DESIGN AWARD 2019 red dot award 2019 winner PIN UP DESIGN AWARD

SKSLV2401S Speed Oven

dimensions and weight info
Overall Appliance Dimensions (H x W x D) 597mm x 594mm x 553mm
Speed oven only Dimensions (H x W x D) 460mm x 594mm x 471mm
Required Cutout Size with drawer (H x W x D) (min) 595mm x 560mm x 556mm
Required Cutout Size without drawer (H x W x D) (min) 458mm x 560mm x 556mm
Oven Cavity Size 32L
Net Weight 32kg
accessories info
Metal tray / Crisp tray / Rack


See how we show respect for food on every level.

Combi Microwave with croissants
Combi Microwave with croissants