SKSIT3601FG Flex Induction



Modern Flex Induction hob

Flex Induction Hobs

The Signature Kitchen Suite Flex Induction hob is easy to use and senses where you're cooking so you can have things exactly where you need them, without needing to worry about losing heat.

Two induction cooking zones

Two Flex Cooking Zones

From a small pan to a large griddle, each Flex Cooking Zone combines elements to accommodate pots, pans & cookware of different shapes & sizes. With 4 inductors, each cooking zone provides up to 3,400 watts of power.

Detection and automatic failsafe switch

Auto detection

Smart technology detects the location and size of the cookware you're using, so you can adjust the settings without having to specify an item.

Cooking smart 7-inch LCD touch screen

7-inch LCD Touch Control Display

The 7-inch display has all the controls and information you need at your fingertips.

Smart hob with bright cooking indicator

Cooking indicator light

Want to check on your dishes while they cook? The indicator lights make it simple: just a glance, and you can see exactly what's hot and what's not.


Induction cooker

SKSIT3601FG Flex Induction

dimensions and weight info
Overall Appliance Dimensions (H x W x D) 102mm x 930mm x 535mm
Required Cutout Size (H x W x D) 106mm x 878mm x 500mm
Minimum Distance From Counter Front 64mm
Minimum Distance From Rear Wall 46mm
Net Weight 20,8kg


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