KBIS 2019 | Signature Kitchen Suite
Cheers to Innovation
Join us at KBIS 2019 as we celebrate our new integrated wine refrigerators at Booth #C5907.
February 19-21, 2019
Award-winning 48-inch range by Signature Kitchen Suite
Kitchen Product of the Year
Our versatile 48-inch Pro Range wins the Kitchen & Bath Business Award's highest honor.
SKS | True to food films | The Baker
Episode 3: The Baker
Mark Bittman introduces us to a baker who combined her passion for bread with her love of history to create something that stays True to Food.
True to Food by Signature Kitchen Suite | Official Site
True to food
Through precision, performance and versatility, we are delivering cooking tools that respect food at every level. That’s True to food™.
SKS | 48" Dual-Fuel Pro Range
The Range with Range
Introducing one of the most versatile 48-inch ranges ever built – including the only built-in sous vide on the market.
Signature Kitchen Suite | Sous Vide | How to Sous Vide
Sous Vide Perfection
SKS | 30" Integrated Column Refrigerator
Adjustable Space
Our refrigerator, with a moveable snack drawer, creates a customizable space perfect for extra-large serving platters and so much more.
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